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Welcome to TKS
Hello everyone! Welcome to the Tyrian Kinship website!

    We are a laidback casual guild looking for mature members to join us. We play on the world Sanctum of Rall. If you want to join us, message Brett Steeth or Elestar in game. If you already part of the guild and you haven't already registered, then please do so. If you register you can then see the full website like the forums and information. Please check up on the news below this panel for the latest updates on TKS. Thanks! 
- Your leader,
    Brett Steeth    
Guild News

Vent was down but is now back up.

Elestar, Sep 10, 12 9:45 PM.

Server went down due to a St. Louis power outage or something. Sorry it took a while for it to go back up, I was at work.

TS/Vent Server

Elestar, Sep 5, 12 11:37 PM.
September 5, 2012

        Coll stuff guys! The TS/Vent server is on its way. We should have it by tomorrow. If you would rather have a Vent server than a TS server, say so in the comments.

Get your microphones ready!

9/5/12 - Guild Stash

Elestar, Sep 5, 12 12:45 AM.
September 5, 2012

          After many countless hours played by our guildies, we finally got enough influence to get the guild stash. It has been built and is ready to be used. Donate anything that is considered useful to any players in our guild. NO JUNK please.

9/3/12 - Welcome to the Website!

qwazz09, Sep 3, 12 2:30 AM.
September 3rd, 2012
    This guild has grown quite larger than I originally expected or planned. Elestar and I started this guild with the plan of having people that were active and played together. We soon realized that Guild Wars 2 is 10x more fun with a TON of people. Therefore, we want this guild to be large, have a nice working website, and have a voice chat service. While Elestar and I are looking into it, this will be a temporary website to keep a lot of the news and updates organized and to get opinions via the forums that were included with the website. 

    The only problem with the voice chat and website is that it will cost a good amount of money. All of this money will be coming from mine and Elestar's pocket. This is the exact reason why we're going to set up a PayPal and Chipin account for people willing to donate. This will hopefully keep the voice chat server running for this guild. Donating will be completely optional but might include some perks which will discussed later on. More importantly, it will keep these things running for the welfare of the guild. 

    Check this website for periodic updates and to communicate with guildies on the forums. Register with the guild and try to identify yourself with your IGN(in game name) so there is no confusion. There will be more updates in the future. 

-Brett Steeth
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